Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Festive Weekend!

This has been a busy, tiring and good weekend. Today was the highlight...we took a trip over to Bass Pro Shop in Grapevine to see their Santa Land area and Colin had a blast watching the trains and race cars. He is such a boy! Once he was out of the stroller, he went running toward all the awesome fishing and camping equipment. I really have a feeling that once this boy gets a little older, I will have to take up outdoor activities or never see him again. :-) After Bass Pro, we went over to Grapevine Lake and let Colin play at the edge of the water. He was in heaven picking up rocks and throwing them into the water. He would have played there all day if he could have. We got some really cute pictures, which always makes me happy. It was a little nerve racking since we had to keep hawk eyes for glass and things that Colin should not pick up, but we managed to find a clean area to play in for a bit. It was a beautiful day here and in the 80's! Tomorrow the high is only 40, so I am glad we took advantage of the random "summer" weather for a family outing.

On Friday night, we attended Jer's work Christmas party at The Gaylord Texan. It was my first year to attend as a "spouse only" rather than employee. It ended up being a lot of fun...we got all dressed up and my sister Alieson came over to stay with Colin. We got home slightly after midnight, which felt SO LATE to me. It was our first date night since our anniversary in early July, so it was really nice to get out. The Gaylord was just as amazing as it is every Christmas and it was great to see all of my old friends from work. It felt like a homecoming for me, except I got to just enjoy the party and not show up for work on Monday. hehe! I also drank entirely too much wine and then ended up taking a tequila shot thanks to my lovely friend Tom. That was not the best idea...while I had a great time being warm and tipsy for the first time in ages, I felt miserable on Saturday. I am really getting old. :-)

Here are some of the pictures from today...


Melibelle said...

look at yall' in your Christmas shirts!!

Anonymous said...

I love that a little tequila and staying up past midnight is enough to wipe you out the next I am not the only one!

Yeah, we're old! hehe

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