Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Superb Saturday!

What a wonderful Saturday we had! We decided to take Colin to that indoor play facility that I mentioned yesterday and we all had a blast! First of all, it was complete and utter chaos in this place. I neglected to think about the fact that on a Saturday afternoon it was likely to be insane. There were at least 12 birthday parties going on just while we were there. It is a huge building that is about three stories high with play jungles literally from the floor to the ceiling. One side of the room says, "Ages 4 to 104" which I thought was cute and the other side was "Ages 3 and under". It was a massive web of crawl spaces and bouncing floors and slides and everything you can imagine and a lot you couldn't! Colin is still a little young to truly go crazy...his little feet could slip through the webbing and he is not quite a monkey yet, with the ability to crawl up all the levels on his own. Jer and I took turns carrying him through the mazes of twists and turns and let me tell you, we were sweating bullets!! This place is a major workout!!! There were even some areas that you had to crawl up through a little hole to get to the next level! Crazy! It wore us slap out! Now when Colin is ready to climb these mazes on his own, it will be amazing. It is an intense workout for me, much less the little ones. This will be a perfect outlet for spending some serious energy one day. But back to today...Colin was awestruck. His eyes were like two saucers the entire time we were there. I have never seen him look quite like that before...he was blown away. It was so loud and colorful and children were running everywhere. He could not peel his eyes away from everything. Even though he did a lot of riding around in our arms, he loved it! Watching Colin experience something new is one of the greatest joys in the world. I could practically hear his brain soaking up all the new sights and sounds. He also went down a slide by himself for the very first time!!! He was a little confused by it, but seemed to enjoy it. He really liked to go down the slide with me! That was great fun!

After our family play date, we stopped for Thai teas and then made a dash into a locally owned little pet store to see the animals. Colin got to see a spider monkey right up close!!! He was putting his hands on the glass and the little monkey was chasing Colin's hands and looking right at him! I have no clue where they got a monkey in this little shop, but Colin loved it and so did we! I wish I could have taken him home!! :-)

Is that a good day or what? As one final thing, I am attaching the link to the latest Colin video. Jer was making goofy noises at Colin during dinner and it was just about the funniest thing Colin ever saw. You know I had to get it on film! :-) Enjoy!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Cruising the Neighborhood!

Like a Christmas miracle, it finally rained heavily last night here in North Texas and the aftermath was a beautiful day! For the first time since...well...I can't remember, it was pleasant outside!! We actually went for a walk around the neighborhood after dinner with the little man. It felt wonderful to be outside again without having to be in a pool to survive! :-) Yippee!!

Another Haircut!

My sweet little man had his second haircut today. A new place called "Pigtails and Crewcuts" opened nearby and I took Colin in for a visit. He was an angel as usual...he even let her use the clippers around the back and his ears!! I was simply amazed that he did not freak out. This place is so adorable and chock full of fun stuff for little ones. They had a huge table in the waiting area that had a whole train system on it and Colin was in heaven. I actually felt guilty making him get in the car afterwards because he was having so much fun. There is an indoor play area that is probably about 45 minutes away from us...after seeing Colin having so much fun in a new "kid friendly" place, I think this weekend might be the time to try it out. Now that he is completely mobile, keeping Colin stimulated and entertained is now my number one mission. It is really hard! Anyway, he looks very handsome this afternoon!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Diaper Rash and a New Pedi

Colin has the worst diaper rash in the history of man. Okay, I might be slightly exaggerating, but it is not good! We have been battling this on and off for probably three weeks now...I will get it almost healed and then it rears it's ugly head again. I have used absolutely everything you can buy and nothing cleared it up. Things reached a fever pitch on Sunday and into Monday. Colin was screaming bloody murder when he even saw his changing table. We finally went to the pedi yesterday and got real help! The pedi gave him a prescription steroid cream that we will use for three to five days and that should knock it out. Colin is learning to handle his new diet without formula and as a result he has had a lot more poopy diapers. The pedi gave me a long "I went to medical school" story about what is going on with his system, but I will save you from rehashing it. (This is only partially because I understood every third word of what he said)

Anywho...I have two things to report from this visit. First of all, Colin weighs 25 lbs, 8 oz! That is one heck of a jump in a little over three weeks! A whole pound! Now, Colin was dressed this time, so he might actually be 25 lbs even, but he was right at 24 lbs at his 12 month. WOW!

Secondly, I tried a new pediatrician this time. A beautiful new practice opened up within walking distance of our house (no kidding..really close!) and I have been thinking seriously about trying a new practice. As you all probably recall, I love our normal doctor, but I hate his practice and hardly ever get to see him. I decided diaper rash was a good one to test out the new doctor with and I really liked it! The office is brand spanking new and filled with toys and bright colors. The nurses and office staff were beyond sweet and just ate Colin up. I had to drag him out of there! The doctor (yes, just ONE! hallelujah!) was an older man of Indian descent who I liked immediately (and Colin thought was hilarious). I quizzed him about several things and liked his answers a lot. I will definitely be trying them again. If things continue to be so great, we might have a permanent new doctor! Not to mention the fact that I don't have to leave my neighborhood to visit them, which is huge plus. I am also thinking that the new scale might have something to do with Colin's jump in weight...but I am not sure. A whole pound. GOOD GRIEF!

I will leave with a funny Colin story...last night we all had dinner at a new cafe that opened close by. We were sitting next to an older couple and the gentleman was sitting directly behind Colin. Towards the end of our meal, Colin turned all the way around in his high chair and started "talking" to the couple. The man was a giant guy and he leaned way back in his chair and started making funny grunting noises back at Colin. What does my son do? He mimics the guy!!! He leans all the way back in his high chair just like the man and starts grunting back at him. It was hysterical. Of course everyone wanted to eat Colin up. He really is the cutest thing in the world. :-)

Monday, August 11, 2008


These pictures are of the black widow that is currently living in my garage. Nope, these are not stock pictures that I found online...these are actual pictures of the black widow spider that is outside at this moment scaring the crap out of me. I. HATE. SPIDERS. And yes, I used the zoom feature on the camera because there is no way that I am getting close to him. I will probably never sleep again. I already have pest people coming out on Wednesday (yes, that is the earliest they could get here). OH. MY. GOD. I wonder how soon we can move.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Colin Rocks His New Present!

What a week this has been! Jer was out of town all week and finally arrived home last night. We are SO GLAD that he his home!! I have a new appreciation for single mothers, let me tell you!! The last time Jer was gone for work, Colin was not nearly as mobile as he is now and I am worn out. I also decided like an idiot that I was going to paint and redo the home office as a surprise for Jer. It is about halfway finished due to the fact that it is next to impossible to accomplish home projects while taking care of a 12 month old. What a week, indeed!
Jer brought Colin an NYPD t-shirt home with him. He is wearing it today and looks absolutely adorable. I think my favorite thing about it is that it reminds me of the years that Jer and I spent working up there and to see Colin in a little NYPD shirt just melts my heart. We have come a long way!! Enjoy the pics!!
In other news, my wonderful friend Melissa is taking Colin's one year pictures this afternoon!! YEA!!! She took the amazing newborn pictures of Colin and I am beyond excited to get these one year shots taken. They are going to be fantastic!! I can't wait to post some! :-)
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