Monday, January 28, 2008

Colin at Six Months!

Today was the big day...Colin's six month well baby checkup! The stats:

18 lbs, 7 oz (50 - 75 percentile)
28 inches long (90 percentile)

The growth rate is the same, which is great! He has been at those percentiles all along the way, so his progress is steady. It looks like my little man is going to be taller than me by the time he is five. HA! He was a very brave boy during his shots and flirted up a storm with the nurses, as usual. I was very glad that we were seeing Colin's original doctor, so I asked all kinds of questions. As far as the soy formula, he thinks that Colin is probably not lactose intolerant, but simply finds it easier to digest the specific proteins used in the soy formula versus the cows milk. He told me to keep up the soy, but to go ahead and introduce cows milk at the one year mark to see what happens. He is confident that Colin will have no problem drinking regular milk. Either way, I am just glad that I have found a way to ease his stomach problems for now! He also told me that stage one and two foods are fine now, but to wait on the meats and crackers, etc until the 8 -9 month point. Developmentally, the pedi said not to worry yet about that fact that Colin does not want to roll all the way over. He said that since Colin hates being on his stomach, he has probably already figured out that he would rather not roll over to it! The little man has already started to outsmart me! The pedi said to keep working on it and focus more on getting him to sit without assistance by the 7 month mark. (right now, he topples over after about a minute on his own). He thinks everything else will fall into place on its own and to stop stressing. Easier said than done! :-) Lastly, the tear duct in his right eye has still not opened yet and I am still cleaning the eye out constantly. We are going to wait until 9 months and then see a specialist if it is still closed. (I think we may be heading for the same surgery that Shannon's little guy Carson is having).

All in all, the appointment went great and the pedi said we are doing a great job with Colin. He is big, healthy and happy! The poor little bear had the worst afternoon after his shots...this is the fussiest I have ever seen him. I finally got him off to bed a few moments ago with his monkey and I am hoping that he gets some quality sleep. Have I mentioned that he is the cutest little thing in the whole world?


Shannon said...

Good Lord, he is a haus! :) Pretty soon you will be having to send Colin's hand-me-downs to Carson!

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