Friday, February 1, 2008

Baby Hands

The one thing about Colin that absolutely slays me are his hands. Don't get me wrong, all of his parts are adorable, but the hands just kill me. He keeps them clasped in front of him all the time and he wrings them a lot, which is so sweet. Tonight as I was putting him to bed, I layed my hand on his chest to soothe him and he put both his little hands over mine and fell asleep that way. I have a crook in my neck as we speak because I stayed there watching his little hands on mine for a good long time. I don't remember a time that I was not in love with Colin. Isn't that strange? I really don't recall what it felt like to be without him!

In this picture, he was smiling up a storm at me as I folded laundry beside him today. Then as soon as the flash comes out, the smile is gone! AGH! Anyway, I think he is the cutest thing ever! :-)


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