Sunday, January 27, 2008


Today was beautiful outside! It got into the 60's today and it was bright and sunny...finally!! We took advantage of the great weather and went to a nearby park where we took our roller blades out for a spin with Colin. We got him a nifty new jogging stroller that has made a huge difference in getting the little guy out and about. My husband was flying down the trails with Colin and they were both getting a huge kick out of it. I am pretty rusty on my blades, so I gave them to my sister after awhile and just walked behind everyone. I found it really soothing to get some quiet time walking the was a much needed afternoon of sunshine. I also tried a new spaghetti meat sauce for dinner that I actually made from scratch and it turned out things went great all the way around today. :-)

Tomorrow is Colin's six month well baby appointment and I am so excited about it. I have a whole list of questions to take with me so that I don't forget to ask the pedi everything that I have been wondering about. I love finding out how big Colin has gotten!! I have been thinking seriously about changing pediatricians....I really do like Colin's doctor, but the practice has NINE doctors, so we hardly ever get to see the same one. I am still steaming over the fact that nobody thought about Colin being lactose intolerant and I had to make the diagnosis myself after six months of pain! We will see what happens tomorrow, but I do think that if I find a small practice that I like, I might give it a try. We shall see. We are seeing Colin's original doctor tomorrow, and he was the reason that I picked their practice. I will tell him about my concerns and take it from there. other random thoughts...I am a member of a message board of moms who have babies born in July of 2007. Therefore, all of our babies should be around the same age and we are supposed to be able to share thoughts and questions with each other. I joined them back when it was an "expecting" club for July 2007. Lately, however, it has started stressing me out more than helping me. Some of the women are posting video of their little ones and all their baby was CRAWLING today! JEEZ! Colin is nowhere close to crawling! Now, I know full well that he is not supposed to be crawling yet, but I about had a heart attack when I saw that little girl crawling on video! Good grief!!

I realize this post was all over the place, but sometimes that is just the way my mind works! :-)


Shannon said...

Yeah, I had to stop looking at message boards too because I was freaking out over milestones. Some times I think some mama's exaggerate a tad on those things...either that or they have freakishly advanced children.

I'm glad you got out and about. It was nice here too. I don't think I have been roller blading since 1998, and the thought of falling scares me...although I have more natural padding now than I did in 1998. :)

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