Saturday, February 2, 2008

Shape up or ship out!!

Today was fantastically was a balmy 75 degrees here this afternoon!! We went rollerblading with Colin in his jogging stroller all around the neighborhood and had a blast. For dinner we tried out a new pizza joint just around the corner from our house and it was actually good, which was a total shock. YEA! :-) These random warm days are my favorite part about Texas...even in the coldest of months, you can always get a day of relief here and there.

One thing became very evident to me today...I have got to lose weight. Not only do I not like the way that I look anymore, but I also don't like how out of shape I have become. The time to buckle down is NOW. I will report on my progress as we go. My goal is to slim down in time to actually fit into the shorts that are sitting gathering dust in my closet by the time it gets hot here again. I don't want to get winded playing with my little man, so it is shape up time!! No more excuses!!

In Colin news...I am pretty sure that he said Mama today. It was so funny...I heard him babbling, "ma ma ma ma ma ma ma" in his crib a couple of times today and went running to him. I told Jer about it and he laughed and basically told me that I was crazy. Then as I was putting him to sleep, I walked out of his room and he started doing it again. "ma ma ma ma ma". This time Jer was standing there and heard it! I know that he is probably just making noises at this point, but in my head, he said MAMA! :-)


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