Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Well, Colin had the worst day yesterday and the worst night last night and was still not happy today, either! I know he was feeling crappy after his shots yesterday and he continued to be really fussy all night long. Then today he started something new...he would fall asleep in his crib for his nap as always, but started waking up every 15 minutes or so screaming! This went on until he finally passed out at about 2:00pm. He has never done that before!! My friends seem to think it is the separation anxiety hitting him for the first time...I wonder how long this is going to last!? The poor little guy was just so upset all day...he finally perked up after his late afternoon nap.

For dinner this evening, I attempted Curried Beef with Onions. It was out of my new healthy cookbook and it was okay, but not the best. It seemed to be missing something, but at least it was not bad. I am really putting in the effort on cooking now. I never EVER cooked before I stopped working. I was Mrs. Full Time Career Woman whose idea of cooking dinner was to be the one to pick up the take-out. I find myself really enjoying trying my hand at this and I am really not bad!! I am a little obsessed with turning into a good cook for Colin. I want him to love what I make and have his own favorite dishes that he will ask for just like I do with my mom. Here is a silly story...to this day, we always ask for a "Mama Sandwich". Now, keep in mind that this is simply a sandwich of any kind that my mom makes, but for some reason, when she makes it, the sandwich is heaven. We started calling them "Mama Sandwiches" when we were still kids. They always taste better than when we make them. Over the Christmas holiday last month when I was at home, she made me a Mama Sandwich on old school white bread with left over turkey. She served it with Frito's on the plate and a little pickle. EXACTLY like when I was little. It was probably the best meal of all time, and I told her so. She always says it is simply because she makes them with love. I hope Colin feels the same way about his "Mama Sandwiches" one day.


Shannon said...

I am trying to remember which round of shots it was -- perhaps it was the 6 month shots -- that gave my twins horrible nightmares afterwards. They would wake up screaming just like Colin. It passed after a few days, but it was pretty bad while it lasted.

I feel the same way about my mama's cooking. Whatever she makes always tastes better than when I do it.

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