Monday, February 18, 2008

Laying Low

I am on the slow road to recovery today. My husband had to cancel a work trip in order to stay home and take care of me and Colin. The injury to my back is thankfully muscular, so I don't have to deal with disc issues. I have never felt pain like this before...the day I was forced to call the ambulance was the worst day I have probably ever had. Feeling that helpless is not something I have experienced before and I never want to again. The blog is going to suffer for awhile really really hurts to sit at the computer and type. I keep trying because I am itching to blog, but it is not working for me yet! Stand by! :-)

On another note...on Saturday I posted a blog about Colin's nursery complete with pictures, but I was forced to remove it because I got a horrible spam comment that included several viruses. I was SO MAD!!


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