Thursday, March 6, 2008

Colin's First Snow Day!!!

Well, today is the day! Colin got to feel snow on his face for the very first time! We just took these pictures in the front yard...Colin thought it was pretty neat! However, when the wind blew the snow in his face...that was not cool. ;-) We stayed out just long enough to snap these quick shots. The kids in the neighborhood are literally beside themselves. Ah, the memories. It rarely snows in our part of Texas, so this is a little kids dream! And by the will be in the 60's tomorrow, so enjoy these pics. There won't be more for awhile. Ha ha!


Melibelle said...

VERY COOL PICS! :) The kids here are going crazy as well!!! I just got home! Traffic was a NIGHTMARE!

Anonymous said...

Good Lord! I can't get over those pics. This is March, right??

I'm jealous. :)

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