Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Swings and Annoying Women

Jeremy taught the very early morning session this morning, so he was home by 12:30. The day was spectacular, so we took Colin for a walk at Bear Creek and ended the walk at a new playground they had put in. Colin went for his very first (albeit short) swing ride! He is still tiny for it, but he seemed to like it for a few minutes with me and his dad holding on to him. He was far more interested in all the kids playing. There was a big group there and they were loud and having a blast. Colin's eyes were glued to them! I could almost hear his brain working..."Wait...when can I do that?!?". ;-)

The other thing that I noticed at the park? I am going to have to work very hard to be a good member of a mommy group. I had the honor of overhearing some of the most inane conversations that I have ever heard today. It was not even really the conversations themselves, but the underlying tone that these women had with each other. I was in a very upscale area and these women were dressed to the nines (at a playground)...probably women who have never worked a day in their lives, etc...but it was still hard to listen to. I know there are also a lot of stay at home moms who are just like me...but what I heard today was mind boggling. I think my problem stems from the fact that I am not the typical girl in a lot of ways...I have always fit in with the beer drinking, game watching boys. My close girlfriends are all the same way. We just don't do annoying girly drama. Which is exactly what these women were talking about today as I was sitting at the park. As I am typing this, I see how hard it is to put into words how I feel without coming across like a royal pain. :-) I just hope to meet women like me in my new playgroup rather than the Juicy Couture and diamonds wearing bimbos that I saw today. How is that? hehehe!


Anonymous said...

Yes, women like that are all over the place. I don't play well with other women for some reason. I guess because I am a "guy's girl" like you. Plus, in my experience since popping out two kids, is that more times than not those women are very harsh and judgmental on parenting skills. That's something I won't ever put up with.

This is yet another fine example of why you, Colin and Jeremy need to somehow find a way to move down here! :) Can't Jer's company open up a location in Austin? That's not too much to ask, is it? :)

And K & C are the same way at the playground. They are so interested in watching the bigger kids. It's also a sign that they need more socialization. I think they've grown tired of the other kids at Jennifer's.

Chalna said...

Surely we can get a new facility opened soon! That would be the best thing ever!!!! I will work on this. ;-)

Melibelle said...

You and your friends not girly... WHAT??? I sit here in shock!

hehe ;)

Anonymous said...


Chalna said...

Ah....I see that my boyfriend found my blog! ;-)

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