Saturday, March 8, 2008

Sore Throat Saturday. See a pattern? :-)

This has got to be the most boring Saturday on record. My stupid sore throat is no better, so today was blah. Jer has a work trip this week, so he spent most of today preparing for that. Colin and I are going to take the opportunity to spend the week with my parents, so that will be fun. As you can see...boring Saturday!

I was thinking today about how much I have changed since I had Colin. I remember a time when this sore throat would have grounded me. I would have spent the whole weekend in bed with magazines and juice and Jer would have catered to me by bringing me medicine and food. Sickness does not even slow me down now that I am responsible for my little man. That is probably why I am still sick...not enough rest. HOWEVER, I have learned that mothers don't rest that often. And Colin is worth it for sure. Have I told you that he thinks it is hysterical when I pretend to eat his food while I am feeding him? He literally rolls with laughter when I do it. So there I am tonight...throat on fire, blowing my nose with my left hand, feeding him with my right hand and making silly faces pretending to eat his food just so he will smile at me. This is the best time of my life...sick or not!


Melibelle said...

I'm jealous you get to go to Tyler for a whole week :(

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