Monday, March 3, 2008

Happy Freezing Cold Monday!

Despite being a born and bred Texan, I am still shocked by the weather sometimes. Yesterday I had on shorts and a t-shirt and today it is snowing. NICE. Moving right along...

The short weekend at my parents house was lots of fun and a much needed break. It was really nice to have a household of people to take turns watching Colin. I was able to check email, wash my hair, put on make-up, go out to eat, and all at a normal pace instead of my 5 minutes here and there that I try to pack full of stuff. We even got to go out to eat with my sister on Sunday and stop in one of my favorite shops...all without a baby!! It was also lots of fun to spend some time at home with my parents. I missed them!! Colin had a blast playing with all the different toys that my parents is grandparent central over there! We were able to pack almost nothing for Colin because my parents have it all! Colin also really enjoyed getting up in the morning and moving over to my parents bed. When he woke up, my mom was awake in bed, so we went in and Colin snuggled in right beside her and watched Playhouse Disney from their bed. It was so cute! It was a totally uneventful weekend, but exactly what I needed. I took a four hour nap yesterday, if that gives you any idea how tired I am! It was such a treat!
The pictures were at my parents house and I had to include the one of my sister Alieson because she is such a dork and just cracks me up! :-)
Also, great big hugs and kisses to my amazing friend Shannon who saved the day with her towel idea! Colin slept the whole way home! THANK YOU, SHANNON!! :-)


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