Friday, March 7, 2008

Sore Throat Friday

My throat is killing me! I was supposed to have lunch with Ellen has been forever and I was really excited about it, but instead I ended up in bed during Colin's morning nap instead of getting ready to hit the road. BLAH! I am wondering how many Tylenol equals overdose...because I am keeping them in business this week! AGH!

I went back for my second visit with my new rehab doctor and he helped with my back yet again. It feels even better now! I don't love the hour of exercises they make me do afterwards...they HURT! However, doing those exercises is going to keep my back from going downhill again, so I am keeping them up! This doctor has really saved me...I was so scared to be left alone with Colin for fear that I would collapse again. Now I don't worry at all!! I have to go back again in a few days. It is just too bad he could not write me a prescription for my damn throat! :-)

The picture above is Enzo this morning. I moved Colin's chair to the couch while I cleaned up a spill and Enzo decided I did it for him. Crazy dog.


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