Saturday, February 23, 2008

Weekend Fun!

Okay, so the first picture displayed here is from last night. Ferris Mewler the cat and Enzo the dog decided to take a relaxing snooze together on the couch and were caught in the act. Ferris Mewler is a cat well known for kicking Enzo's butt, so the fact that I caught them laying together has not gone unnoticed. Ferris likes to pretend that he hates Enzo (and everyone else in our house, for that matter) but I think it may be an act.
The second picture was taken just a couple of hours ago. I finally figured out that I could use the old Boppy to prevent Colin from falling and hitting his head while he is practicing his sitting. He absolutely LOVED to be sitting there playing on his own. Instead of me having to sit behind him the whole time, I was able to sit in front of him and interact, which he found to be far more favorable! I was even able to put up groceries at the same time he was playing, which was very liberating. (oh, the little things!) Colin is finding it more and more fun to be independent and I love watching it!
We tried a new Chinese buffet close to our house today and it actually did not suck. That is a miracle! Colin also made his first trip to the "gun store" with his dad and had a great time. I know Jer is just itching to take Colin out shooting soon...I am pretty sure that when Colin gets old enough to go shooting with his Dad, I will not see him again. I better have a girl next, or I will have no companionship. ;-)

Friday, February 22, 2008

Follow Up with Doc

I went to the doctor today and ended up with little news at this point. I did succeed in getting refills on my prescriptions and x-rays taken. Now I have to wait to hear from the back doctor that I was referred to. My family doctor thinks some physical therapy with him will help and I am excited to start. I am ready for my back to stop hurting so I can freely play with Colin again! I hate that I am still having trouble doing the little stuff with him that I love!

It is almost 5pm and Colin just now went down for his afternoon nap. I let the time get away from me this afternoon and just realized what time it was! I will probably pay for this tonight! I am going to give it an hour and wake him up. Hopefully that won't mess with his bedtime routine too much!

Colin, Jer and I had lunch today at our favorite old Mexican place close to our house. We call it "Green Sauce Cafe". This is NOT the actual name of the restaurant. They serve green sauce with their hot sauce and Jer started calling it Green Sauce Cafe soon after we started eating there. He does this all the time with places we eat at. He makes up a name (more often than not, it is something hilarious and inappropriate) and then it sticks. I am betting that will be one of the first things that embarrasses Colin about his dorky parents.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Well, the string of important February birthdays is coming to an end...we had my sisters, my mom, my dad, and last but NEVER least, we have my amazing and wonderful husband Jeremy. He is 33 years old today!

My husband is the best man in the entire world. He is the love of my life and I really and truly cannot imagine a single moment without him. He is the kindest man that I have ever met...he has treated me with love and respect since the very beginning. People always tell me that Jer and I are "odd" because we never fight. This is true...I can count on one hand the number of times we have argued and even then, we have never raised our voices once and we have been married almost 5 years and together for 2 before that! The reason for this is because he is calm and caring and never gets too worked up about the small stuff. I absolutely love that about him. I hope that our son has those traits as well.

Jer always looks out for me and always takes care of me. He is my other half...I go to him with every single problem or need and he always makes me feel better. He is hysterical! We roll with laughter in our house almost every single day because Jer is cracking me up about one thing or another. I wish I could put into words how secure I feel with him as my husband. He is good and true and loves me better than anyone ever could. I never doubt him EVER. Our relationship is the rock in my life. It is the one thing that I can always count on.

It is funny...we have neighbors across the street and we call them "angry couple". They are outside fighting with each other ALL THE TIME! The husband is constantly yelling. Every single time I see them, I am reminded how lucky I am to have Jer. He has never yelled at me and never would. He cooks like a chef, he cleans the house like a pro, he has been changing the kitty litter forever (and he HATES that!), he can put together anything and does so happily, he fixes everything around the house, and he gave me the most beautiful son in the whole world. I love him so much more than I could ever say and I am so lucky that God blessed me with such an amazing gift.

Happy Birthday to the best husband in the whole wide world!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Allergies and Oprah

Good news again today for me...I am feeling better and getting much more movement back! Thank goodness! I was able to pick Colin up several times today, although I did try not to overdo it.

His poor eye looks terrible and now his cheeks are very red with a rash also. In looking at all the baby food he has been getting, the only new thing he has tried within the past two weeks is blueberry. So, I tossed all the stuff with blueberry in it this afternoon and we will see what happens. I am totally at a loss for what else it could possibly be and I feel so bad for him! If he is not better tomorrow, I think I may take him back to the pedi just to be sure. That will be three straight days of the alergy medicine and I think that should be enough time to at least notice that he does not itch anymore! He was rubbing at the eye all day long today, so I know it has not helped as of yet.

I just watched the episode of Oprah that I recorded today and it was all about making over women who are blah. This REALLY hit home when I watched it today...Since I quit working, I have realized that I have absolutely nothing to wear. All of my clothes were dress clothes and I only needed a couple of pairs of jeans for the weekends. Now that I don't dress for work, I realized that if you take away all of my suits and high heels, I have nothing to wear at all!! I just rotate two pairs of pajama pants all week long and switch out the old t-shirts that I normally would only sleep in!! NOT GOOD! They had lots of good tips for dressing casually and comfy, but staying stylish and presentable. I am going to work on that. Since we are on a major budget now that my income is gone, it will be a slower process, but I am confident that I can find some really inexpensive items that will help spruce me up! It is amazing how much everything changes when you become a stay-at-home mom. Things like this that I would never have thought of pop up all the time. But let me tell is TOTALLY worth it! :-)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Colin and Enzo!

Today has been a better day...still not worth much around the house, but I was able to play with Colin more today, which made me feel a lot better. We had a fun day with Enzo...I have not blogged much about our beloved little dog, but he is one of the highlights of our lives. Enzo is an Italian Greyhound who will be four years old next month. He was our first baby when when we purchased him almost four years ago! He was a tiny pup and immediately became the focus of our lives. To this day, Enzo sleeps under the covers with us all night long. In fact, we always get up way before he does...he does not make an appearance in the living room until after 8:00 am! We were worried about the transition for him when we had Colin, but he has been a champ. He adores Colin and is very respectful of him. Until very recently, he did not really pay much attention to the little man. Well, today I gave Colin a Ritz cracker to hold while I fed him lunch in the hopes that it would distract Colin from smearing food all over his face. Enzo immediately figured out that Colin was finally holding food that was of interest to him! Enzo jumped up on eye level with Colin and begged for the cracker! Which cracked Colin up so much that Colin ended up handing the cracker to Enzo!! This happened four times in a row before I gave up on the cracker all together...we were rolling with laughter!

Just about an hour later, I was sitting on the floor with Colin playing with his blocks. Enzo was running around us with his floppy frisbee in his mouth, wanting me to play with him. For the first time ever, Colin grabbed the frisbee out of Enzo's mouth! Enz was so shocked!! Enzo started playing tug of war with Colin like he does with me and Jer!! I kept a close eye on the whole thing and Enzo was more gentle with Colin, but they were tugging it back and forth away from each other! Colin was going crazy with laughter! Enzo then turned over Colin's box of blocks and sat down next to us to play with was simply adorable! Today was the first day that I saw a glimpse of what Enzo will be like with his "boy". I have a funny feeling that we are going to lose Enzo to Colin before we know it!

In more Colin you can see from the picture, his left eye is in bad shape. That is actually not the eye with the blocked tear duct! He has been rubbing the left eye so hard that it is now very swollen and bright red. We took him to the pedi yesterday and he thinks it is probably allergies because the eye itself is fine, it is the skin around the eye that is red. We started on our first dose of allergy medicine today and hope it gets better fast!! It itches the poor little guy so badly!! His cheeks are also broken out, so we are trying to figure out the cause. I bought new fabric softener last week, so I think that may be it. Colin never had a reaction to our soaps or softeners before, so I quit worrying about it. That might have been a bad idea! I tossed the softener today and went back to ALL Free and Clear, so hopefully that is the problem! I seriously doubt it could be the dog or cat since he has lived with them all along and never had a problem. We shall see!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Laying Low

I am on the slow road to recovery today. My husband had to cancel a work trip in order to stay home and take care of me and Colin. The injury to my back is thankfully muscular, so I don't have to deal with disc issues. I have never felt pain like this before...the day I was forced to call the ambulance was the worst day I have probably ever had. Feeling that helpless is not something I have experienced before and I never want to again. The blog is going to suffer for awhile really really hurts to sit at the computer and type. I keep trying because I am itching to blog, but it is not working for me yet! Stand by! :-)

On another note...on Saturday I posted a blog about Colin's nursery complete with pictures, but I was forced to remove it because I got a horrible spam comment that included several viruses. I was SO MAD!!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Good Times at the ER!

Well, yesterday was my dad's birthday, but I did not get to do my tribute blog because I was too busy taking an ambulance ride to the emergency room. I know, unreal. I can't type long, so I will give the whole story later, but it was my back and I am on so many pain killers now that life is at least bearable. I will write more later!
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