Saturday, April 19, 2008

Good food and good curls!

I tried to take some pictures of Colin tonight while we were changing into our pj's...his hair is so curly at the moment and I wanted to attempt to capture it on film. It did not work out too well with the dark chair in the background, but he is super cute, so I posted them anyway. :-)

Tonight will go down in history. We went to dinner at our favorite little Mexican place and ordered the guacamole as usual. Jer asked me if I thought it would be alright to let Colin have some and I figured it would be fine to let him try it. Colin has not really liked any table food that I have given him so far. He always just spits whatever it is out and then plays with it. I knew the same thing was about to happen...their guac is not hot spicy, but has lots of flavors including garlic, onions, salt, and lemon juice. There was no way Colin was going for it. I was COMPLETELY wrong! I should have known...Colin adores guacamole! He seriously would have eaten the entire plate if I had let him! He did not even get any on him! There were no misses! He ate every single bite I gave him and begged for more! That is my baby!! ;-) Not only that, but he also tried to eat all of my beans as well!! I just can't get over it! Two brand new foods and he was eating them with a passion! Jer and I would eat Mexican food for every meal, so it was just too funny that Colin was all over it. We were all laughing for the entire meal. He also was picking up pieces of my rice and putting them in his mouth!! What a fun made me so happy to see my little man love something that we gave him. Now...if he sleeps well tonight...I am going to buy avocados and refried beans in the morning! haha!! :-)

Saturday Update

Happy Saturday! The end of the week was very quiet here...not much going on besides the constant teething. Poor Colin is holding up well, but the pedi says he saw lots of teeth getting ready to come in, so we need prayers!! :-) The weekend is always good for me because Jer is around on Saturday and Sunday mornings to take care of Colin while I catch a couple of extra hours of sleep. It makes a huge difference for me! Jer's parents who live up north are coming to visit tomorrow and we are excited to see them. This set has not seen Colin since they came right after he was born, so they are in for a BIG surprise! It will be so much fun! We are cleaning today in preparation for their arrival...and this place is a mess! The house has been the last thing on my list for a long time, so once we started deep cleaning this morning, we realized what a mess we had. Spring cleaning is on. Have I mentioned that I hate spring cleaning? ;-)

New tidbits about Colin:

His hair is suddenly growing very quickly. In the past two weeks it has started to get really long and curly. I find myself brushing the hair off his forehead several times a day, not to mention absentmindedly running my hands through the curls in the back. It is so soft...I love his hair! I am going to be a MESS when we cut it!

He can crawl in his sleep. Colin gets up on all fours when he is in bed, but has yet to do it during the day. He is getting significantly more frustrated with sitting in one place, so I think we are probably close to a break through with the crawling. Right now, he leans forward on his hands and grunts angrily when he is sick of where he is. He is either going to take off and crawl or just get up and walk out the front door. I have not decided which one it will be just yet. ;-)

I created a monster with the walker. He loves it so much! He would stay in it all the time if I let him...he runs around the house (yes, runs!) chasing Enzo and Ferris. He screams with joy and claps his hands the whole time.

He is in love with the theme song from The Backyardigans. I cannot emphasize enough how much he loves that song. We record it every night for him and no matter what he is doing, when he hears the first note of that song he turns to the tv, laughs, claps his hands, and then glues his eyes to the screen. That show is his favorite thing in the world right now. In fact, he loves music a lot. We discovered Barney and Friends on PBS this week and they sing a lot during that show. He loves that, too. But nothing beats The Backyardigans.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Colin is officially art!

This is a horrible picture...I am holding the camera at an angle to keep the glare down from the window...but this is the final framed watercolor of Colin!! I had it professionally framed so that it would last forever and I love how it turned out! YEA! :-) It looks just amazing in real life!!

Colin's 9 Month Appointment

We attended Colin's 9 month well baby checkup today (yes, on the correct day!) and things went pretty well, considering! The stats:

22 lbs, 11 oz (75 - 90th percentile)

30 inches long (95th percentile)

My little man is such a big boy!! He went up in both percentiles and he also went up on his head circumference percentile, too. Now he is in the 97% for that! The pedi is not worried at this point, however. Big noggins run in my family (obviously!) and Jer's and he said that the soft spot on his head is almost completely closed and he looks great overall. He is just a big guy! He also told me not to stress out that Colin does not seem to want to crawl yet. He said he has seen babies that skip crawling all is up to Colin. He has met all the other milestones that he needs to, including pulling himself up and standing (which you can see in today's adorable picture!), so he told me to not worry about it. As usual, this is easier said than done! :-) Colin gets up on all fours in his sleep, but he does not do it outside the crib yet. We shall see what happens!!

The time has come to start feeding Colin his solid meals prior to his bottles so that he is having a little less formula and more solids. He is taking about 32 oz of formula a day, as well as breakfast and dinner consisting of two tubs of stage two foods (or one jar of stage 3). We are going to start 3 meals a day with bottle afterwards to take him down to around 20 oz a day, give or take. I also have to start working on the sippy cup more. Colin just plays with it at this point and the time has come to really let him start practicing. We went to Wal-Mart this afternoon and picked up some new cups that Melanie told me worked great. The ones we have require Colin to really suck hard to get anything out and he just cannot figure them out. Mel pointed out some that have a light flow that will come out without Colin doing all the work, but light enough not to be a huge mess. Hopefully these help! I can't believe that I am already having to think about weaning Colin from the bottle! This is all going too fast!!! Colin's next appointment is his 12 MONTH! I just don't know how we got so far so fast.

The bad news is that Colin had to have wax removed from one of his ears, which he HATES. He did not even need to have it irrigated...just a little wand was used to scoop it out. He screamed like someone was stabbing him and then cried for the remainder of the visit. YIKES! Then, to add insult to injury, he had to get a CBC today! Let me tell you, having to hold your child with all your might while he screams bloody murder while a nurse spends minutes draining blood from his tiny finger is just as bad as it sounds!! I almost cried seeing Colin so upset! All that on top of his shots was a bit much. He fell asleep in the car on the way home and then proceeded to sleep for two more hours when we got to the house. He has been in good spirits since he got up, so hopefully the worst is over and he won't have the bad night that he had after his 6 months shots. :-) So that is our visit in a nutshell. Colin is growing up!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Losing my mind and other assorted stories...

This morning started out horribly. I got myself and Colin to his doctor's appointment bright and early at a few minutes before 8:00am. After I had been sitting there for around 10 minutes waiting, I get called up front. Apparently, today is not April 16th after all. That's right, folks...I thought today was April 16th and went to our appointment on the WRONG DAY. Lovely. I mean, I knew I was tired, but I did not know I had lost sanity completely. I have been a day off for some time. I planned my trip home from yesterday so that I could attend the appointment on the wrong day. I felt like such an idiot and the 18 year old at the front desk was not helping matters at all. She looked at me like I had two heads. I would now like to point out how very annoying it was that it took them 10 minutes to realize that I was there on the wrong day...but I digress. Later on today, I got the usual phone call reminding me to be there tomorrow. I laughed at the girl calling and told her that, yes...I was aware. ;-)

This brings me to another problem with the pediatrician. (Don't forget the last appointment when they almost kicked me out of the building for being on time instead of early!) When the girl called to remind me of the appointment, she asked me to arrive at 7:45 in the morning. That would be 30 minutes prior to Colin's appointment. Now, it has bothered me for awhile that every time we schedule, we are told to be there 15 minutes early. They say it over and over again and they remind you when they call. "Colin's appointment is at 2:30, but you must arrive at 2:15." That kind of thing. I have never heard this before, but figured oh well...I have never had a baby before either. It must have something to do with the pedi's office. Well, cut to today. Why on earth should I now be there 30 minutes early?!? The twit that called me said something about extra paperwork with Colin's updated insurance. She can't take care of that when I arrive at 8:00?? What on earth!? I also have a new insurance card and when I went to my doctor last week (arriving at the actual appointment time! oh my!) it took them 30 seconds to make a copy. My child's clinic is making me feel like I am in elementary school! I am thinking seriously about changing practices, but it is so hard to start over!! Colin has been seen by them since the day he was born and it seems like a nightmare to move practices, but this just may be the last straw. I am going to say something tomorrow and see what happens. It just should not be this hard to go see the doctor! UGH!

The day did perk up, however. I met my mothers group for lunch and then we all played with the babies under some shade trees in a nearby park. It was so nice!! The weather was great and all the moms were so sweet. Colin seems to really like interacting with the other kiddos. It was so nice to be out in the sun and hanging out with other moms. It feels good to vent to people who really know exactly what you are going through at this exact moment! I am really happy that things are turning out good with that!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Happy Monday!

Colin and I are back home tonight...we spent a quick couple of days at my parents house over the weekend. One of my oldest and dearest friends, Stephanie, had been begging to meet Mr. Colin and I was dying to see her myself, so we headed east for a short visit. It was great to see her and Colin had a great time showing her his dimples! It was a rather uneventful couple of was great to see my family as always. I am worn out and heading to bed now, but I did want to check in and post a couple of cute shots. These pictures are Colin sitting on the bed in my childhood room. I was hanging up some clothes and when I looked back at Colin sitting on my bed, it hit me how strange it was to be looking at my little boy sitting in the room that I grew up in. So, of course, I had to get a picture. They did not turn out good at all...the lighting was horrible and they all turned out blurry. But you get the idea. :-)

Tomorrow is Colin's 9 Month well baby appointment! We will have to stay tuned to the latest stats on my big boy! :-)
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