Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Visit with the new Doc

Yesterday, I finally got in to see the sports rehab doctor about my back. I am pretty sure that he saved my life! We talked for a long while and he diagnosed me with "lower cross syndrome" which is basically a super weak lower back and some issues in my hips. This resulted in the spasms. He then proceeded to do things to my muscles that I am pretty sure almost killed me, but afterwards I felt SO much better! It was like a miracle! I actually teared up!! (I know, so sad!) He taped up my back and then we spent an hour teaching me all kinds of rehab stretches and exercises that I have to do several times a day. I also have to lay low and not lift (yeah right) and ice it as much as I can during the day. That part is going to be hard for obvious reasons! I told him that I had no choice but to lift Colin and he gave me pointers on how to do it the right way to avoid bothering my back. All in all, it was amazing. I go back again on Friday.

This also points out the obvious...I really need to get in shape. BADLY! I must figure out a way to make this happen....


Melibelle said...

too bad we don't live closer cause I need to get in shape too :(

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